The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality

About Our Agenda

Income inequality is the crisis of our time, and we need bold, progressive solutions to address it. By harnessing the strength of a national progressive coalition, and using that to achieve success in the three pillars of The Progressive Agenda, we will make sure that the voice of every American is heard – not just those at the very top.

To do this, we must lift the floor for those who are struggling, fight for racial and economic justice, and champion a tax system that rewards work instead of just wealth.

The Progressive Agenda is a set of proposals that build upon the work of dozens of economists, lawmakers and progressive activists, with the aim of addressing income inequality right now.

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Friedrichs v. CTA is an Attack on All Working People - Whether You Belong to a Union or Not

Case brought by Koch-funded group would weaken the rights of employees and silence the voice of working Americans

Economic Inequality Solutions Make Gains in 2015

In the 2014 midterm elections, many candidates ran away from core progressive beliefs and values. In turn, voters ran away from them. But in 2015, the story is very different.

College Republicans and College Democrats Sign on to Bipartisan Forum on Income Inequality

Young voters, key to the 2016 election, want to hear real solutions to inequality from both parties

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