College Republicans and College Democrats Sign on to Bipartisan Forum on Income Inequality

Posted on 23 Oct, 15 by Hayley Prim

Young voters, key to the 2016 election, want to hear real solutions to inequality from both parties

Iowa City, IA -- The University of Iowa College Republicans and College Democrats announced today they are signing on as co-sponsors of the bipartisan presidential forum on income inequality being held on December 6th. The University of Iowa Lecture Committee and The Progressive Agenda Committee (TPAC) are current sponsors.

“Millions of Americans are facing the challenge of income inequality in their daily lives, and it is critical for both parties to offer solutions,” said Geri Prado, Executive Director of TPAC. “We are excited to include these two organizations in the event. Today’s younger voters will feel the compounding effects of the inequality crisis. This forum will give them and so many others an opportunity to hear the candidates’ visions for addressing inequality.”

“The University of Iowa College Republicans are excited to co-host this forum and address economic issues with both parties’ candidates," said Janelle Smithson, President of the Iowa College Republicans.

“This forum will give young people the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on inequality issues and engage in the process before going to the caucuses ‪on February 1st, ” said Lauren Freeman, President of the University of Iowa Democrats.

Both groups will participate in planning of the forum, along with TPAC and the University of Iowa Lecture Committee.

In May of this year, during a press conference at the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, the inaugural singers of The Progressive Agenda pledged to tackle these issues.

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