New Video: The Progressive Agenda Launches in DC

Posted on 07 Jun, 15 by Daniel Goldberg

As the income gap becomes more staggering each day, the urgency behind our fight only continues to grow. We need action on every level—from city governments all the way up to the White House. That's what The Progressive Agenda is all about.

Take a minute to watch these highlights from our recent launch event in D.C., then add your name to say you’re in.

New Poll: Majority of Americans want action on Income Inequality

Posted on 05 Jun, 15 by Greg Wasserstrom

Yesterday, a brand new New York Times/CBS poll confirms what those of us who’ve signed on to The Progressive Agenda already knew – the American people share our concern over income inequality, and support our progressive solutions to tackling the crisis.

New Rules

Posted on 20 May, 15 by Hayley Prim

Some of the biggest banks in the world are expected to plead guilty to felonies this week. Felonies! They are scandalous crimes, too: fraud and antitrust violations.

Finally, America will see members of the class that crashed the economy dressed in black and white suits that are hardly the Brooks Brothers pinstripes to which they’ve grown accustomed.

Oh, wait, no. The New York Times says these felons will just pay some fines and go about their business of playing roulette with the world economy. Of course they won’t face prison like normal criminals. They’re bankers! Members of the exclusive Too Big to Jail Club. They’re protected. Just like millionaires and CEOs are. A CEO can, for example, be fired for failing to produce but still get $21 million in severance, then lose a well-financed race for U.S. Senate and still be considered a viable presidential candidate. That’s because the rules are written for them. The economy currently is constructed to ensure their enrichment.

Words from Toni Morrison

Posted on 08 May, 15

The Progressive Agenda identifies the pillars upon which healthy social structures can be built. Each pillar is designed to improve, even rescue, the lives of vulnerable populations. From financial traps, to failing schools, to jobs, to methods for strengthening families and communities—each pillar of support enhances the lives of the poor and middle class—which in turn benefits the whole society.

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