Presidential Forum on Economic Inequality to Be Held on December 6

Posted on 11 Oct, 15 by Hayley Prim


Sunday, October 11, 2015

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The Progressive Agenda Committee, University of Iowa Lecture Committee to sponsor bipartisan event

Iowa City, IA – The Progressive Agenda Committee and the University of Iowa Lecture Committee today jointly announced that a bipartisan presidential forum focused on inequality will be held on Sunday, December 6, at the University of Iowa.

“We are excited to bring a bipartisan presidential forum focused on the important issue of inequality right here to Iowa City,” said Carter Bell, Chair of the University of Iowa Lecture Committee.

The presidential forum will cover topics including improving wages and benefits, enhancing retirement security, reforming the tax code, and reshaping the size of government.

“We believe this is an incredible opportunity for candidates to have the stage to themselves, and discuss their solutions for tackling income inequality,” said Geri Prado, Executive Director of The Progressive Agenda Committee.

Income inequality is not a partisan issue. On the left, progressives are coalescing behind an agenda that includes raising the minimum wage, expanding paid sick and paid family leave, providing Universal Pre-K, expanding Social Security, and closing corporate tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy.

On the right, conservatives have discussed expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, reducing spending and government bureaucracy, reining in the national debt, means-testing entitlements, and a combination of broadening the tax base while lowering tax rates.

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