Watch: Bill de Blasio Talks The Progressive Agenda on Face The Nation

Posted on 08 Jun, 15 by Daniel Goldberg

In just a few weeks, The Progressive Agenda has helped push the conversation about income inequality toward real, achievable solutions.

Mayor Bill de Blasio took to Face The Nation this week to highlight the urgency of this crisis and outline some of the key proposals from the agenda. He made a strong case for why organized, progressive action on a national scale is long overdue:

Our progressive agenda is predicated on the notion that the American people, more and more, are demanding solutions to the economic challenges we face. Let's face it: the great recession hasn't ended for so many Americans. In fact, over the last 25 years, the typical American family, when you adjust for inflation, has actually gone backward economically.

And he put forward bold ideas about how to ensure that every American worker can participate fully in our economy:

We call for incoming the minimum wage to $15 an hour nationally over the coming years, things like paid sick leave and paid family leave, progressive taxation, raising taxes on the wealthy. I think these have become, more and more, the standard that the American people are demanding answers on.

Watch the video on CBS, then sign the agenda to say you're in!

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