Organize a Halloween Party in Times of COVID

5 Tricks to Organize a Halloween Party in Times of COVID

Although the Halloween party is not typical of Spain, we have integrated it into our calendar, since it is a very fun celebration in which we disguise ourselves in a terrifying way, which is a break with the routine, and that it is always appreciated.

If you are planning to organize a Halloween party this year, here are some tips that can come in handy to make it fun and safe in times of COVID:

The previous list of confirmed guests

The coronavirus forces you to limit family and friends gatherings, so find out what is the number allowed in your locality for the night of October 31 this year and create a list in which all the people you want to invite appear.

Keep in mind, especially if you are going to invite risky people, that there is no one at the party who has suffered from the coronavirus or has been in contact with someone who has, whether or not they have symptoms.

Once you have made it, notify as many people on the list as allowed and ask for confirmation of attendance. Every time one of the guests confirms that they will not be able to attend, you can notify the next person on the list. And so on, until you have completed the allowed capacity.

It is important that you send an email or a WhatsApp message to each attendee to specify the security measures that you must take in a common way so that no one is caught by surprise at the party itself.

Costume with mask

As it is a very thematic party, it should be mandatory to go in disguise, which will create a magnificent immersive experience. There are a plethora of costumes for Halloween, whether purchased, rented, or homemade.

It is essential that all attendees come disguised, otherwise it will be a decaffeinated party, and also remind your guests that the protective mask is part of the costume.

Named glasses

No matter how much coronavirus there is, food and drink are non-negotiable at these types of parties. Design a themed menu that is related to horror. On the internet, you can find a lot of suggestions, especially so that the presentation of the dishes is truly scary.

When it comes to drinking, it is important that attendees do not exchange plates or glasses, so use plastic utensils and with a marker write the name of its owner on each glass.

Terrifying decor and soundtrack

Transform the place where the party is going to be held in a spooky place with some crafts and homemade decorations for Halloween: add cobwebs, crosses, tombstones, darken the rooms …

To finish “dressing” space, create a list of horror music and play it during the party. You can add sounds of yelling, howling, squeaking doors, and so on.

Important note: do not forget to place several dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel so that the assistants disinfect their hands from time to time.

Thematic Activities

To crown the party you can prepare an activity in which fear is the main protagonist. In this sense, you can prepare a live session of a classic game that works very well in this type of meeting: the Cluedo.

What can also work wonderfully is to prepare a live role-playing game for games that are based on terror such as The Call of Cthulhu, Coven, or Vampire.

In these games, you will have to guide a story in which each assistant will play a character. If you prepare it in advance, you can specify it in the e-mail you send them.

For this activity, it would be convenient for each one to come dressed as the character they had to play.