Blue eyeliner

Blue eyeliner: which eyeshadows are best combined with?

Wearing blue eyeliner was a very popular trend in the 60s and lately, we see it parading more and more often even on the catwalks of great designers. There are several blues that you can find, which differ from each other in brightness and shades. And they are truly a formidable weapon when chosen in the shade that best suits you and above all combined with the right eyeshadow.

The shades of blue eyeliner

As we said, blue eyeliners are not all the same: there are many shades and they can have very bright and bright nuances but also dark and intense. Based on this, of course, their characteristics also vary: let’s see how.

Electric Blue Eyeliner:

Not exactly the easiest shade of blue eyeliner to wear. If you are not used to strong colors on the eyes you may not be comfortable with makeup of this kind. Start experimenting with it by wearing it for a particular occasion, such as an informal party or a summer party, when your dress is also in shades of blue. That way, you can really tell if it’s the color for you or if it’s best to let it go. Also, pair an electric blue mascara to complete the look. It is perfect if you have brown or dark brown eyes.

Navy blue eyeliner:

the word “navy” derives from English and is found combined with the blue color to indicate a very dark shade. It is widely used to create different looks. And it is great both alone and in combination with many colors of eye shadows and pencils. This shade, unlike electric blue eyeliner, can be good for value, in addition to the brown eyes, blue eyes, or gray. Also to be worn for intense evening make-up.

Light blue eyeliner:

very versatile shade, precisely because it is clear and delicate. It works great with blue and gray eyes, as it creates just the right contrast without making them appear overly darkened, but rather bright and lively. A discreet line of this blue eyeliner can also be applied during the day, without the final result being too heavy.

Blue eyeliner and eye shadows

You can apply blue eyeliner to match your new dress, to liven up your evening look, or simply to change your style by experimenting with different colors and shades than usual. To do this you can very well play with more or less risky combinations of eye shadows and pencils: below are the ones to prefer.

Light brown eyeshadow :

this category generally includes all-natural colors, especially those with a pearly, satin, or metallic effect. Shades like gold, bronze, copper, beige, or cream go perfectly with blue eyeliner, especially dark or navy, putting a lot of emphasis on hazel eyes.

Eyeshadow or Black Pencil:

Does electric blue eyeliner seem difficult to match? The color to match it with which you can go safe is undoubtedly black. For a truly original look, apply black or dark gray eyeshadow to the eyelid and then swipe a nice line of electric blue eyeliner along the top edge. This makeup looks great on blue and brown eyes.

Blue and Purple Eyeshadow:

Don’t be afraid to try experimenting with blue eyeliner over blue eyeshadow. You can in fact very well choose a beautiful dark blue eyeshadow and pass over it a line of light blue eyeliner that lights up the makeup. Or, on the contrary, opt for a lighter and more delicate blue eyeshadow. Almost blue, and combine it with a navy blue eyeliner electric. Use the first combination to enhance blue eyes, while the second is more suitable for brown eyes. Perfect even if you decide to use it on a purple eyeshadow: these two colors together tend to bring out each other’s shades.


if the color of your blue eyeliner is really particular but you don’t know how to highlight it, you should definitely try the combination with glitter eyeshadows in shades of gold or silver. Distribute the glitter around the eye and then pass your eyeliner, both above and below. A must-try look if you have blue, brown, or blue eyes.

A few more tips on blue eyeliner :

Another way to get an original effect is to use, instead of the classic gel or cream eyeliner. A blue powder eyeliner: the effect it leaves is not defined, but rather nuanced. Especially if you use it dry. Many make-up artists even use it as an eyeshadow, while wetting the brush gives a more intense blue.

As you may have noticed in this article there are no mentioned blue eyeliner colors that go well with green eyes. In fact, blue make-up is not suitable for those with emerald eyes. Even if the rule is always valid that in make-up it is sometimes good to wear what you like.

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