Delving Deeper Into The Game Of Clash Of Clans

Deeper insight into the game

Clash of Clans, popularly called CoC is one of the most famous online mobile games of the current times. Considered to be the top class strategic game of its genre, it involves using the proper and correct strategies in setting up a village and maintaining the same from the resources available for use to each of the players. It is a freemium type developed by the Finnish Gaming company named Supercell. It was released for the android users in the year 2013 and for the IOS users in the year 2012. The entire game involves attacking the other resources and plundering their resources, while on the other hand saving their own base village with a well-planned defense system. These players can form their own groups called clans and participate in clan wars to earn even higher and higher loots and bonuses. This article talks further about this game and the detailed technicalities of the in-games purchases.

The resources in the game and their functions

The game basically runs on four types of currencies that the players use to develop and maintain their village, its resources,and the defense units. These are as follows:-

  • Gold coins, that are used to maintain and upgrade the Town Hall of the village, upgrade all of the elixir collectors and storages and pay for the searches made on the villages to be attacked.
  • Elixir, that is used to generate and train new armies to fight in the wars and also brew spells that increase the chance of winning in the war. It is also used to upgrade the gold storage and collector and do the upgrade work of the units in the research laboratory of the village.
  • Dark elixir, that is used to fuel up the powers of the Town heroes who protect the village and set up the dark armies for the battles. These are regenerated at very slow rates and hence need to be used very judiciously.
  • Jewels, that is used to either speed up the production rate of the various resource collectors or complete any ongoing upgrade work at an instant. These are generated only by clearing any trees of the village or by breaking the weekly jewels boxes. In order to have the fast generation, one can purchase the specialized jewels packages by paying the real money from their game account.

The working of the game

Defense, attack,and winning are the three main aspects of this game. The attacks that can be done in the game are of two types: –

  • One-on-one type, where a random village is allotted to the player and he or she then attacks it to earn its resources and get awarded with a maximum of 3 stars. One star is given upon destroying the town hall, two stars on destroying the former as well as 50% of the village and three stars on destroying the complete village. In order to win a war, the player has to earn a minimum of one of these stars, else he or she would be penalized by subtraction of the number of trophies.
  • Clan war, where the players of the clan fight against each other and the one earning the maximum number of stars from the entire war get declared as the winning clan and their clan points get increased eventually.

The defense strategy is devised by setting up the different types of defending units like walls, cannons, archer towers, mortars and many more. Subsequent upgrading of the same would increase their ability to defend the village and hence also decrease their chances of getting destroyed easily during any attack. These units are fuelled up by the resources mentioned earlier and it is up to the player completely on how he or she makes use of the same.

Just like other conventional mobile games, CoC also has a number of hacks and cheats developed by the various third-party developers. These codes and cheats give an upper edge to the player over the others and allow him or her to earn more advantages than the rest. The primary objective of these are as follows: –

  • To hasten up the production rates of the various resources easily, which is generally very slow if followed by the conventional natural method
  • To avoid the hefty charges and sum that one has to pay in order to buy the packages of these resources
  • To gain an advantage in the clan wars and games and win larger bonuses or upper levels easily.

How do these work?

In order for these games cheats to work, the player has to visit the official website of these third-party developers, register his or her username in the same, then choose the resources that are to be multiplied, specify the amount for the same and then submit their request. It generally takes a few minutes for this request to get processed and post-completion, upon opening the game the resources would have gotten multiplied and hence can be used easily by the players.

Precautions regarding the same

This entire feature might seem very easy but is not in actual practice. In reality, the majority of these websites have malware that can affect the game account easily. Also, these get detected by the primary game server and upon being caught would lead to permanent ban of the account. Hence a player needs to check all of the parameters properly before going for trusting any of these developers. One must read the reviews of the same before going for using the same.

Recent games update

The recent update of the game has opened up the feature of clan games, where the members of the clan need to play some simple games and upon completion of the same earn some points that get added up to the final score of the entire clan. Whenever this score crosses some threshold value, all of the members get awarded with suitable prizes like resources or items that can be used for their benefits in the longer duration of the game.