Disc Brake Pads Replacement

Disc Brake Pads Replacement Mistake Solve

Today we talk about disc brakes and we are going to tell you the process of replacing the pads on the disc brakes, which is quite easy simple, and here we are going to point out all issues.

Disc Brakes

The first step we all have to make when replacing the parts is actually finding the right type of pad and as you can see, the paths can have different shapes, different systems of assembling those on our calipers.

Maybe you have an entry-level disc brake rotor or you can have any other model. If it doesn’t say anything specifically on the road, or that would normally mean you’re free to use any type of pads.

Resting pad only means only resting or organic pads why is it so these entry-level rotors are not hardened as much as those more expensive and higher quality.

So, they say the braking power is okay and there is no noise and the rotor will be just consumed being consumed more quickly.

It will avoid the first mistake and now almost proceed to the process of replacing pads. For doing it more easily you have to need to know how to tighten bike brakes perfectly.

Braking Performance

That’s why the manufacturers would tell you one and a half millimeter, that’s the thickness of your compound limit.

I’d like to point out here is that most of us will only replace the pads because they are thin and not because they have lost the braking performance.

Non-drive side of the bike and contaminates the brakes. The problem with the performance of your brakes is that sometimes they lose the performance just gradually.

The second mistake replacing the parts only when they are thin and not when they are contaminated by some lubrication.

The first thing we need to reset these pads. The mistake is we push it in between the braking pads in order to reset those because when we wear those down.

They will be closer getting closer and closer and the pistons will be more standing out from the calipers. When we replace with the new braking pads.

When you feel a lot of resistance, it’s going pretty hard, and don’t use a lot of force because you can damage your brakes.

I’m going to show you that. Here is what we should do when we feel a lot of resistance resetting the bicycle caliper pistons.

You need to fix the breaking the lever positioned horizontally so that you don’t lose any oil in this case in brakes.

Now doesn’t matter what kind of brakes you’re using and what model you have, you’re gonna have some type of locking system for your pads.

The braking pads now on different breaks, the parts will either go up or down in this case.

You need to go to push in the nuance before installing the new braking parts.

We should clean the caliper and degrees use a brush to clean it and then use some kind of a rock and the degreaser for that but the mistake is to forget about the degree of seeing our disc brake rotor.


Everything needs to be clean and ready for the new braking pads. Here we tell you this process on the old ones and also check out with different models of the calipers.