amazing sites get low ratings

How amazing sites get low ratings

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that having an online presence is an absolute necessity. For many prospective clients, a website is the first port of call when seeking a service or product and as such it must deliver everything required to convince the customer that they are in the right place.

In the past, there has been a presumption that presentation is the key to achieving high visitor numbers which equate to high profits but this is only part of the recipe required to make a website work for a business. With search engines being the starting point for many internet users, ensuring a website has the correct content to be found is another essential component for success.

With online business continuing to grow, standing out from competitors is more important than ever. However, simply overloading a page with keywords designed to hook in Google’s algorithms is not enough. Indeed, many seemingly excellent websites miss out because of something called TrustRank. Google searchers want to promote sites they consider honest, reliable, and dependable in what they say, what they do, and what they offer. Here is how you can get into Google’s good books:

Monitor comings and goings

The intricacies of Google’s inner-workings are rooted in method and logic and so should a business’s approach be to improving their trust rating. Anyone hoping to raise their ranking must be aware of not just how many people are accessing their website but, perhaps more importantly, how quickly they are leaving. If visits are too short in length, Google will question the worthiness of such a site.

Get your facts straight

There is little chance of Google trusting a website that is riddled with inconsistencies and half-truths, therefore making sure content on a website is thoroughly researched and entirely provable is a must. Experts are well placed to advise on site-specific ways to gain credibility, but an easy place to start is to double-check that links from a webpage take users in relevant, trusted, and appropriate directions. In addition to this, including legitimate sources for content on a website indicates to Google that a website has been and carefully constructed and meticulously researched.

Know who you are working with

A great way to encourage interest and drive business to any site is by forging links with existing pages on the web. But just as it is important to scrutinize the authenticity of sites being linked out to, it is also worth considering the provenance of sites promoting connections the other way. Seeking the advice of an AdWords consultant who is au fait with Google’s keenness on knowing the origin of all website content can work wonders when attempting to improve levels of trust.

Put in simple terms, if a company’s webpage can become quite literally linked with other sites that the all-important Google deems reliable it should soon see its own ranking rapidly rise.