clean the stain on the suede couch

How to clean the stain on the suede couch

The suede couch is so amazing, so soft, and so textured. Who doesn’t remember those suede items, like suede clothes or sofas? In the 90s they were in fashion, many brands made jackets with this material. But they also have their downsides. The main one is that it is difficult to clean on garments, but even more difficult if we talk about cleaning the suede couch. That is why we will give you the best cleaning tips.

What is suede?

Suede is a type of very soft synthetic fabric, characterized by its great versatility. It is widely used in fashion, especially in shoes and bags, but also in furniture, such as suede fabric sofas and armchairs.

The suede leather is obtained from a bovine mammal similar to the goat. It is a soft, fine and velvety fabric, which is nevertheless very delicate when cleaning it. How to wash suede fabric armchairs so that they do not spoil? This is what we want to explain to you in this post.

How to clean or wash suede?

  • If you want to wash a room in which there are armchairs and sofas made of suede, you have to take into account the cleanliness of the furniture. If not, the room will seem very dirty, since the stains will be noticed as soon as you enter.
  • How to clean or wash suede? Here, vacuum cleaners will not help you to washrooms, since what you need is to clean the stains from the armchair or sofa, and many times they can take several days. How to wash such an armchair?
  • It is best to always use a cloth or garment and rub slowly, using a product that helps remove the stain.
  • Avoid chemicals that can damage the fabric.
  • Dry cleaning or vinegar cleaning is better, don’t use too much water, just a damp cloth.
  • You can use a special suede cleaner, or an armchair cleaner that works for fabric armchairs of this type.
  • Beware of using a furniture cleaner that is not designed for this kind of material. You could damage the fabric.

How to clean suede couch

We will talk about a more practical solution when cleaning armchairs, and it is only cleaning it because washing it would imply spoiling your armchair and you don’t want that, right? And for that, we bring you three simple steps

The 3 steps to cleaning fabric armchairs

Let’s see some tips for cleaning armchairs, which should always be part of the cleaning of a room and that of course should go beyond using a simple vacuum cleaner for armchairs.

  1. With a special cloth for chamois (it can be a microfiber napkin ), rub the cloth and remove the dirt or stain, this will serve to prepare for a more thorough cleaning. We know that removing the fabric from your chair is not an option, as few people have this knowledge. Even so, cleaning chairs is not a daunting task, it is quite simple with a little work. So even if you can despair because the stain does not seem to fade, insist, let the fabric dry and try again.
  2. Once the stain is clear you can use another small cloth. Moisten it with white vinegar and with light touches expose it in front of the armchair. In this step, it is not necessary to scrub, since with the vinegar you run the risk of damaging the color of the sofa. In addition to white vinegar, there are other chemicals for cleaning chairs. We do not recommend these as they change a lot from brand to brand. You can also use lemon and baking soda, as this mixture is natural and is unlikely to damage your chair.
  3. We are almost done, now rub the stain with a dry cloth and it will be removed. We recommend if you are going to brush your chair that you do it with a suede shoe polish. Since classic laundry brushes can damage the fabric or take away the suede feel. There are also special brushes for cleaning armchairs, but these are usually expensive and you will not use them many more times. Once you finish, you must place the chair, do not use a hairdryer. It is best to air dry and indoors, as putting it in the sun can damage the color.

How to prevent stains on the suede couch

We already saw how to remove stains on suede fabric chairs. Cleaning armchairs is not complicated, even so, we recommend you consider an armchair cover. If you do not want to buy it, it is very easy to do it, in this article we explain how to make an armchair cover. We also recommend avoiding eating on the sofa, this is complicated when you use your living room to watch movies with snacks or the game. But you can make the effort to keep your sofas in top condition.

Remember that Sofamatch armchairs are of the best quality. Besides that, they are completely customizable and you can choose from more than 30 different fabrics. Although at we do not have suede-type fabrics available, you can find very similar velvet-style fabrics. Thicker, with stronger colors, and much easier to clean.

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