Important facts you need to know about fortnite

Fortnite is a video game that was invented in 2017; the game was invented by Epic games and was released as various software packages with similar gameplay. The game is made up of different online game modes on various software packages like Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: save the world. Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite: save the world were both released in 2017. Fortnite saving the world can only be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation4; Battle Royale can be played on devices like iOS, Android,and Nintendo. The two Fortnite game modes were met with great zeal from players all over the world as the two games became one of the bestselling games in the world. Battle Royale recorded a great success of having being played by over 125 million people months after its debut.

Fortnite game modes

  • Fortnite: save the world: This is one of the two game modes of fortnite that were released as two different software packages; the game is designed to be played by four players which will play towards the same goal while on different missions. The game sets after 98 percent of earth were destroyed by the storm and the survivors on earth are being attacked by a deadly zombie, the players become the commanders of shelters, rescuers of the survivors and resource collectors. While playing the game, the players are given some useful in-game items which include weapon, survivor, hero characters etcetera. Your aim while playing save the world is to fight off the zombies that you meet on your way with weapons that you acquired killing a zombie will give you an additional You can also use an ax to break boxes that contain important items like iron, wood etcetera and use the items to build houses to protect yourself while fighting in the battle. You should save as many as possible survivors you can save because the game is about saving the survivors and the more survivors you save, the more points you will gain. The survivors will rarely be seen loitering around because they will all hide from the zombies so you should kill the zombies and look for the human survivors where they are hiding then rescue them. Be careful while fighting the zombies, if you are attacked, if care is not taken, you can die. To avoid being killed by zombies, avoid fighting two zombies at a time, avoid hiding in open spaces, it can become a trap and the zombies will surround you. The best place to hide is the safe house that you created by yourself.
  • Frontline Battle Royale: This is the most successful game mode, it is designed to be played among two or four players against each other, it can accommodate up to 100 players that are playing alone or in groups of two or four. Players drop from an aircraft with parachutes, as the game progresses, the safe area on the map of the game will reduce in size drastically and players that are not in safe zones will be affected by the incoming storm and can die. The last player or team that survives in the battle wins the game. While playing the game alone, the first thing you should do is to find a safe place to hide so that the coming storm that will destroy the earth will not kill you. After this, don’t hide too much from another player; many players are scared to go out of hiding, they prefer to let other players fight while they hide till it remains few people in the game. This method will not help you because it will be easy for your enemies to attack you while you will be powerless because you will not expect the attack as it will be very sudden. The best way to play the game alone is to take every step with care, step out and fight when the battle is getting close to where you are hiding, this will make the enemies know that you are on alert and they will not be confident to attack you suddenly then hide when you know there is no need for you to fight. It is also advisable to change your hiding place from time to time because if you permanently stay in one place, your enemies will know your hiding place and it is possible for a guerilla attack to happen. If you are playing Battle Royale as group or squad, there are precautions that should be noted; don’t map out a plan of how to play the game before starting the game, it is advisable to map out your plan after you have successfully hidden yourselves after the storm. The reason why it is not advisable to plan before the storm is because there is a possibility that the storm at the beginning of the game will kill a member of your squad so the responsibilities assigned to the death squad will be left undone and it will surely affect other members of the squad while playing the game. Another precaution that should be noted is that a members of the squad should not hide in one single place, it is better because if you go different ways, you can still help each other in the game but if you hide in the same place, the team can be attacked and every member of the team can be killed so if the team is not hiding in a single place, even if a member of the team gets killed, other members can still win the game.

Cost of the fortnight

Fortnite is a free game, it is free to download for those using it on Android, iPhones,and PCs, it is free on playstore of android and it is also free for phones too. If you are using a Pc, there is also a free Pc version of the game. The only thing that can be considered a problem is the in-app purchases that are in the game.