Pickleball: A fastest growing game


Nowadays pickleball game has become very famous which is a combination of three games. The three games are badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. To play this game, two or four players are needed like badminton. It needs a plastic ball with holes and a paddle to strike the ball. A net is also set in the middle. Unlike badminton, this game can be played both inside and outside.


The game was first invented by Joel Pritchard who was the former state representative, In 1965 during hot summer days in Bainbridge Island, Washington. this game was first played in his family. On a Saturday afternoon, he was returning home from golf with his two friends and saw that his family members were getting bored. So he wanted to play badminton. They made all the arrangements but could not find the shuttlecock. Instead of this they arranged a wiffle ball and lower the badminton net. They also managed to make the striker from plywood from a nearby shed. His family had a dog named Pickle. So most of the people claim that the name of this game was derived from that dog. Some other people claim that the name was derived from the pickle boat.

Equipment needed to pay the game:

To play any game different equipment is a must. Most important equipment to play the game is listed below:

  • Paddle: It is the most important piece of equipment to play this game. It is basically made of wood. But nowadays things have been improved. Many lightweight composite materials including aluminum or graphite are used to make Best Pickleball Paddle. Choosing the best one is not easy as there are thousands of companies that are selling this equipment and hundreds of types that are found in the market. While buying it some criteria’s should be kept in mind to find the best one. Do not look for cheap.
  • Weight: it is important to know the weight to know how it performs and how comfortable it is to use. Lightweights are easy to handle and give the player easy control and comfort. The weight should be between 6.5 to 7.2 ounces. Lightweight things are considered as the best ones.
  • Grip Size: short players usually do well with 4” grip size, medium players 4 ¼” grip size and large players do well in 4 ½” grip size.
  • Hitting surface size: width or length of no more than 24 inches. Wide/ short are 8″ by 16″ and narrow/long 5″ by 19″.
  • Material: the lighter the material, the easier to play.
  • Ball: The balls are made with holes all around. The more the holes the easier to play. Balls should also be lightweight. The balls are made of plastic.
  • Net: The net is the same as the badminton net. Before buying net, quality should be checked. Otherwise, all the money will be wasted.
  • Cover: Covers are important to protect the paddle. If it is made of aluminum than the cover is a must. Different types of bags are also found in the market in which the whole equipment can be stored. Net and balls can also be stored here and it is easy to carry while going to play inside or outside.
  • Clothing: As the game needs frequent movements it is necessary to have comfortable and loose clothes to play. This type of clothes is found in the sports shop where other equipment is brought.

To play the game comfortably the Best Pickleball Paddle and a ball is mandatory.


The court of this game is similar to the double badminton court. In the middle, the net is placed. To play the game a net is a must in the middle of the court.

Rules of the game to play:

  • By standing at least one foot behind the line, the player should strike the ball diagonally to the opponent exactly like the badminton.
  • While playing, the team which is serving can only earn points if the opponent commits faults or fails to return the ball to them.
  • The served ball must bounce only once and the team which is receiving the ball must let it bounce once before hitting the ball back to the other team.
  • The game is played in 11 points normally. To win the game, the winning team must be 2 scores ahead of the opponent.


Not many people know about the game pickleball as it is not famous like baseball, table tennis or badminton but it is one of the fastest growing sports in America. It is very much similar to table tennis and because of that people get confused sometimes. It’s a game that can be played with family members. It is also a great way of exercise.