Recent movies: effects or great story?

At the moment it is much easier to make a film than some years ago if we talk about special effects. Previously, any kind of auditory or visual effect that would like to be generated on the screen implied a great mechanism behind. This made the task much more complex and at the same time satisfactory for the producers once they achieved it.

Now we are facing a very different problem; we are in an interesting moment in which the possibilities and having scope for the cinema within a computer are impressive. There are too many things to accomplish and few things are really a limitation. But everything is good? Of course not; the cinema has that advantage now, but deals with something much stronger behind.

The spectator has lost the emotion due to the surprise factor in the movies. There is a wide range of similar jobs and there are few times when something seems really shocking and unexpected. The cinema is facing new needs, new problems and must seek an accurate response to this problem.

The new ace up its sleeve?

The big match inside the screen; if the special effects don’t seem to generate an impact, then it is time to use the human element. One of the most exciting things about a new movie is to find inside the cast people very striking or trending in the industry. This combination of imposing actors is resulting in one of the most used strategies today.

The producers are in full cycle of reinvention. They need something new, and maybe the answer is not in the quality of the technology. So far, throughout its history, cinema has collected a greater amount of positive than negative achievements. No matter what is coming to market, for the vast majority of people this seems an excellent means of entertainment.

But, what’s new is really working?

Today’s society is more modern and consuming more quickly is what most characterizes it. You have not finished processing something when you already want something more surprising. The special effects in the cinema have been the tool in the hands of great producers to take to the cinema many situations that seemed to come only from our imagination.

We do not know what the fate of the film industry holds, when users demand much more than a large bunch of effects within their favorite movies. What is certain according to yesmovies is that, for now, the most important characteristics and properties of modern cinema come from the use of special effects for a lot.

A little more about special effects

These are actions that take place in film production during post production. With them you create from situations or almost complete scenes to the simplest touches that make the story much more real. Special effects have become the base element of many works, since today we hardly imagine a science fiction movie or fantasy without a bit of technological magic behind it.

The reasons why using special effects has become such an important and fundamental activity in the industry are very varied. It’s worth starting with the budget issue. Graphing an explosion inside the movie thanks to the help of the computer is more profitable and less dangerous and harmful than carrying it out just to record it, just to give an example of the most basic.

You can find three types of special effects and yesmovies have indicated them later:

  • Special visual or optical effects: these are the most popular and always goes linked to the other two. They are achieved from the manipulation of the obtained image.
  • Effects of sounds: these are usually the easiest to obtain, and come from the previous recording of the desired sound effect to integrate it to the movie or scene when necessary.
  • Mechanical effect: here everything that has to do with movement and action is taken into account. Automatic dolls that appear to be people, rainy scenes, large wall ruptures or any similar effect that has more to do with the context than with the actor belongs to this type of effect.

Know about special effects in our movies

After watching a good movie after its premiere is yesmovies you may feel the need to delve a little more into the story. Many people later enjoy a good video about the camera and filming of the film and the results obtained can leave it clearly surprised.

Nowadays, there is little information that you do not have at least partial access to. This happens with the cinematographic productions; most people have at least some idea of ​​how their favorite stories are brought to the big screen.

What is the technology needed to obtain special effects?

The two great bases of information technology come together to give space to this great work of technology that results today. Hardware elements are critical during recording and the software is not far behind. Let’s see a little more about the topic:

  • Software: this is the element with the most tools. Digital programs have been developed that allow their users to do a number of things from the material obtained by the hardware. From graphic palettes that allow retouching and improving any image to the best animation programs with 3d sections that allow giving the real image to an object, animal, etc.
  • Hardware: not all the power is with computer; great weight is carried by the tools that allow obtaining this material ready to process. Among them is the scanner, which allows us to take the images obtained from the branch as graphics to the computer; the register, whose function is inverse and allow taking to the film just what was generated through the computer. Among others.

Yesmovies brought you a brief review on one of the most important elements of the fascinating world of cinema that moves us. Knowing a little more about the operation of devices and techniques can help us to understand a little more the hard work behind each movie that we decided to see and value the work we enjoy from home, without limiting ourselves to the actors.