Understanding riddles and all you need to know about them


A riddle is a phrase, a statement, a question or a puzzle passed to an audience to solve. There are two different types of riddles. We have the enigma’s type of riddles and the conundrums type of riddles. Enigma’s type of riddles are riddles expressed in a metaphorical manner. This means, to get the solution to hard riddles that are enigmas, one must think critically and carefully. It also requires ingenuity to solve the problem. The Conundrums type is the type of riddle that is in questions form. The questions usually rely on their effect.

How to solve riddles

There are so many ways through which you can easily solve a riddle. Below are some of the ways to solve riddles

  1. You should learn more about riddles

To solve a riddle, you must be aware of the type of riddle that you are dealing with. After that, you can identify which type of riddle was directed to you. knowing the type of riddle is very important after which you will need to know how each and every type of riddle is asked and the best possible way to solve the riddle.

  1. Know the rules

Hard riddles have rules. You cannot just answer riddles anyhow. Therefore, you should make sure that you know each and every rule of riddles. Riddles are always made from topics that are familiar to us. It is only that they are made in a manner that is confusing. After understanding the rules and following the keywords and clues you might be able to solve riddles.

The benefits of riddles

Riddles are of great importance to our society, today riddles have played a very important role in shaping the society as well. Below are some of the benefits of riddles.

  1. Help pass time

Friends, families and communities and students use riddles as a form of passing time. Everyone likes doing something during their free time. For some, riddling is a way to pass time happily and constructively.

  1. Riddles are also a source of entertainment

Riddles have a fun nature in them. The way some of the riddles sound leads to laughter before people could think of possible answers. The laughter and the trials to solve the riddle is what makes hard riddles fun.

  1. Health benefits

Riddles also have health benefits to all those exposed to the riddles. This is because riddles can be used as a source of therapy. They can also be used as a way of relieving stress. For those who are depressed, riddles can help a lot by making them laugh.

The uses of riddles

Riddles are used in so many ways. The society of today and that of before identifies themselves with riddles in one way or another. Riddles have also been found to be very helpful in the society of today. Below are some circumstances where riddles are used

  1. To strengthen bonds

Riddles have been used and still are being used to strengthen bonds between friends, families, communities, and society. This is possible because so many people come together to share the fun riddle moments. This makes people learn new things, understand each other and learn from each other. Apart from that, they will laugh and create great memories together. This is what makes riddles good in strengthening bonds.

  1. To sharpen intelligence

Through riddles, so many people are able to think critically in order to solve a riddle. These enable people to be equipped with the necessary skills and the intelligence to think critically through a situation and have the ability to solve a problem in real life. Riddles have helped so many people grow intellectually especially children.

  1. Used to teach or educate

Riddles have poetic functions. They can as well be used to educate as well as teach a lesson. So many teachers have found riddles as the best way to teach effectively. Through riddles, children are able to stay attentive, learn and reflect. When a teacher use riddles to teach, the content sticks in the mind of the children. That way, many children will be able to comprehend so many things that will be useful in their daily lives.

How to come up with a riddle

There are ways and tips through which one can come up with a riddle successfully. Below are some of the ways through which you can come up with a riddle of your own

  1. You have to read riddles

There are so many books both online and in libraries plus bookshops. You can use whichever means to get hold of the best riddle book. This will be great for you to read as many riddles as possible. Through reading, you will understand how riddles are structured. You will also know the different types of riddles. After that, you can know the way forward.

  1. Structure your riddle

After you have a clear understanding of riddles, it will be time to come up with your own riddle now. Decide the type, the length and always remember to start with the solution. Concentrate on the right topics and you will be good to go. Come up with a riddle that is creative and that will catch attention.

  1. Brainstorm by sharing

After you have come up with your riddle, make necessary steps to share your riddle with friends. Let them tell you what they feel about the riddle. After that, make necessary corrections if possible.